French Cooking – What You Need to Know About It

by karina on February 5, 2014

France has different climates and geographies. This allows the production of local ingredients. Hence, you will definitely notice the diversity among French cuisine. The cooking itself is considered simple. Most of them rely on the quality and fresh ingredients as well as making sure that the recipes aren’t complicated. Meals also range from the very basic such as the classic baguette served with cheese and the affordbale table wine. One can also have an elaborate occasion by serving many courses and special wines.

French food is quite common with wine and cheese. In fact, in France, wine is considered a huge part of their daily meals. They don’t have to be expensive but no one can set the wines aside during special affairs. Moreover, cheese is also served as a different course just right after the main meal but before serving dessert.

French Cuisine and Its Traditions

Every region in France has its own food culture when it comes to preparation and ingredients. They are mainly divided into three different traditions. Firstly, the French Haute cuisine involves sauces based on creams. This is essential when it comes to preparating dishes. During this tradition, meals are relatively expensive while the food is being served in an elegant manner. The food presentation is also emphasized in Classical Haute Cuisine.

The Cuisine Nouvelle is the second type of French cuisine. The foods here are served in lighter and simpler way without the cream sauces on it. The cooking is a lot quicker and less elaborate. It highlights its seasonal and local ingredients.

Cuisine Due Terroir is another type of French cuisine. The cooking itself focuses on the region’s specialties and is more rustic. Its locally-produced products are made to produce such types of cooking. Most authentic French restuarants offer these types of French cuisine separately. They specialize on the different cooking traditions, allowing one to experience the difference.

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