A Comparison of the French Eating Habits with the Americans and the British

by karina on January 12, 2016

The French passion for food preparation and routines during mealtime as well as their giving importance to the whole dining experience as being a collective ritual for gathering and socializing cannot be debated. The French people are fixed in the way they follow their food and eating customs and traditions. It is very typical in France that people gather together around the table to eat during mealtime and they spend very long time eating and talking with each other.  They also prepare their foods with the French culinary techniques that have been the foundation of the culinary arts studies all over the world.

Americans who eat at the best Tucson restaurant (if they live near the place), and the well-off ones who dine at a five star restaurant are radical in their approach to eating. Even those who eat at a French restaurant approaches their meals differently than how the French does. While the French views meals as sacred and spiritual, people from other countries such as the Americans, never view the same way.

In America, everybody rushes on their own speed, buys anything that they can get at that time they are hungry, and eats as fast as they can as they rush on to their next appointment, job or wherever they want to go. Both nationalities are opposing in their food eating habits and it is very crucial that an American who plans to visit France must know their culture otherwise he or she will find himself or herself  feeling like an outcast on the entire duration of his or her stay. Likewise, French people need to know the American way of eating before they plunge in to go to America.

In France, meals are dealt with utmost respect but the British eating habit consists of consuming their food little by little and spread throughout the day. They multitask eating with doing something else and this is considered as a sacrilege in France. To the French, eating meals is a full-time activity and you can only combine it with bonding with those who you eat with in the dining table.  Studies have shown that the people in France considers dining as more pleasurable than other hobbies such as reading or listening to music. French people eating alone is like being in a court trial.

The eating habits and social practices from one country to another differ. Food is much more than a functional activity and the way people deal with meals is a manifestation of their cultural values and identities.  The way the French perform their meal rituals religiously shows their utmost respect for food, meals, and for people around them.

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