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The French Culinary Art: Food and Drinks

December 15, 2015

In contrast to the fast-food based of cooking in America, the French delights themselves in giving tremendous time perfecting their cooking. The French has been famous for their French culinary techniques among which some of them are the fundamentals of other country’s techniques and methods. In France, food is vital and they honor the way […]

French Cooking Tricks for the Budget-Conscious

December 8, 2015

French culinary techniques have been famous for classy stylish ways using the best ingredients in the market. However, do you know that we can cook French food without spending much? Many people appreciate the frugal recipe but wonder if this type of recipe would come in delicious, too. If you are among the budget-conscious, then […]

How to Read and Understand a French Menu

December 1, 2015

So you went to a French restaurant only to realize that you shouldn’t have slept in your French 101 class. The terms are difficult and the pronunciation makes it harder to decipher what the waiter means. Before you fret, remember that it will be worth the effort and all will go well. Now you start […]

Common Ordering Mistakes in French Restaurants That You Should Not Commit

November 24, 2015

To save yourself from feeling awkward and potential embarrassment when dining in one of the restaurants in Paris, there are a couple of things you need to remember and that you should NOT do! The language barrier poses a difficult and a big challenge. The pronunciation is also hard to understand. However, these aren’t the […]

Things You Need to Know About Dining in Restaurants in France

November 17, 2015

French menus may seem confusing the first time you see them. However, if you try to learn the basic food terms, soon you will find yourself feeling like a pro ordering the food that you enjoy. The French are famous to be very good at cooking and the best chefs come from France. They have […]

Learning Basic French Food Terminologies

November 10, 2015

The French are known to use short cuts in their names and to break their own grammar rules. Even when they say “at the restaurant”, they shorten it into au resto. Since they are fond of short cuts, then we will learn a few short ways of saying the basic French food terms. French food […]

Learning About French Table Manners

November 3, 2015

We may know a lot of Western table etiquette rules but when it comes to French table manners, you wouldn’t believe that you still have a lot to learn. Whether you are going to dine in a five star restaurant in Paris, in a French restaurant or in the best Tucson restaurant, it is best […]

Etiquette Rules for Business Lunch or Dinner

October 27, 2015

Sometimes we eat outside of home and offices together with our colleagues and the administration of the company we work for. It may be a business meeting or a social gathering for certain group of people working in the same company. Image matters when you are in a public place. Always remember that there are […]

Le Rendezvous Specialties of the House

October 20, 2015

The best Tucson restaurant serving French food has amazingly lived up to its high standards as expected of all cuisines in Tucson, Arizona.  More so, France has always been famous for its unique French culinary techniques as well as its careful selection of its ingredients and the way they set their meals on the table. […]

8 Classic French Meals to Try Before You Die

October 13, 2015

You don’t know much of French cuisine till you try their specialties and the classic meals that France is proud of. The best French restaurant will gladly serve most of these meals that has made French culinary techniques famous. If you are in Tucson, the best Tucson restaurant can serve you a palatable French meal […]