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Top 10 Food Trends in 2015

January 12, 2015

After last week’s blog roundup, we’re set to identify the top trends in the food industry for this year. Doing this will educate us on what to focus on. We are committed to bringing you not just the best French dining experience but also the most impressive culinary experience. Top chefs from all over the […]

Top 7 Best Wine Regions in France

September 16, 2014

Le Rendez-vous French Bistro and Restaurant serves only the most appetizing specialties from salads to soups, main dishes, and desserts. But what meal would be complete without a few glasses of French wine? One needs to satisfy his craving for French cuisine by capping off a meal with our Signature Cocktails or just anything from […]

8 Tips on How to Choose a Good Catering Service

July 23, 2014

Finding that good catering service is not always easy. In every occasion, the meal is an important part so the host needs to serve dishes than are unforgettable. Some people choose to hire a caterer because it’s more convenient. If you’re looking for a caterer for an upcoming party, you have to make sure you […]

5 Basic French Cooking Techniques

July 16, 2014

French cuisine is one of the most popular European food that a lot of people are particularly interested in. Basic French Cooking is what most amateur chefs look forward to learning first. Why, the techniques and methods of cooking are unique yet very easy. Cooking styles that one must learn include sautéing, poaching, and flambéing. […]

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Wine Tasting – Part 1

April 20, 2013

Most of us love to have a glass a wine with our dinners especially when we eat out. Wine enhances our meals and I for one love a glass a wine when I dine out at my favorite French restaurant. Wine tasting can seem daunting at times but if you’re doing for pleasure and not […]