France’s Faithfulness to Food: An Admirable French Trait

by karina on January 5, 2016

In France, it is a miracle if you would find a group of people not eating together around the dining table. The deep-rooted faithfulness to the French ritual during mealtimes is like a daily communion that its consistency could not be questioned.

At breakfast, lunch and supper, almost all of the French people eat together in the same table at their houses at the same time that all other French citizens do. The French are accustomed to the ritual of sharing meals with each other and this is something that they do religiously every day.

In the eyes of the foreigners, it is something that is alien and very unfamiliar. Americans are so used to getting instant meals such as fast-food, sandwiches, and hamburgers. After getting their food, they rush to the next venture. This eating habit is a complete opposite to how the French perform their eating rituals.

The French eating habits may be termed inflexible to some of the Americans as they are a complete opposite to how they do their things but actually, the French gastronomy is very singular. The daily lifestyle in France dictates three traditional meals that they religiously do at a customary time and with the proper routine — a fixed sequence of the food to be served amidst the socialization that is a part of this daily event that the French greatly honour.

The French meal is considered as the major collective ritual that is specific only to France. It plays a large part in the organization of the social lives of the French people. At 1 pm every day, half of the entire French population can be seen at the table and at 8:15 pm, almost all of them are at the dining table for supper.

Another French distinction that we can hardly find in the best Tucson restaurant in Arizona, in a five star restaurant in California or in a French restaurant in Carolina, USA, is that the French people spend more time eating than any other Europeans like them. This unique habit is even a lot more different than what most of the other nationalities do. France is not only the best in its French culinary techniques but its association with meals as a way to develop bonding with their family or co-workers is admirable. The love of sharing and camaraderie makes the French as among the best peoples in the world.

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