French Cooking Basics, Part 2

by karina on February 23, 2016

As explained in the previous article, French Cooking Basics, Part 1, the first basic French culinary techniques are:

  1. Baking & Roasting
  2. Broiling & Grilling
  3. Braising
  4. Frying

To continue, we have the other cooking basics from France:

  1. Flambeing is the final cooking step. The beef, chicken, veal and other seafoods are being sauteed with wine or brandy and then being ignited to flambe. When doing this technique, exercise extreme caution because it can ignite practically anything and might cause more harm than good. Women with long hair and who use hairspray are in danger of their hair being ignited so there is a need to be very careful. Light the liquor then remove your hand right away to avoid it from being burned.
  2. French-frying is a method that is used to fry foods in deep hot oil. The famous French fries takes its name from this cooking technique.
  3. Poaching is the art of simmering food in liquid at a temperature below the boiling point. The idea is to prevent food with high protein from becoming tough and hard.
  4. Sauteeing is to cook small foods in enough fat oil just to keep it from sticking to the frying pan. The pan is hot but not covered and the sauteed food is tender and easy and quick to cook.

These various French culinary techniques are surely being practiced in a five star restaurant, in a French restaurant and even in the best Tucson restaurant. You would be amazed at how the chefs of these restaurants can improve their cooking skills just by the use of these techniques. With the basic French cooking methods, famous chefs have learned to produce different versions and variants of famous French cuisine as well as other internationally known dishes.

If you are an aspiring chef, learning the basic French cooking methods will give you an easy way to practice cooking French foods as well as other international dishes. These are the foundations that one must learn in order to become proficient in the culinary arts. Cooking is definitely an art but the French are born with culinary abilities. It is just right that we base our knowledge from techniques coming from the country that is famous for its flavourful foods and dining rituals as well as its food gastronomy. There is no other country in the world but only one — France.

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