Learning About Famous Drinks in France

by karina on December 22, 2015

In France, the day begins with a hot drink which is being prepared through the French press coffee pot wherein a few French culinary techniques will be practiced with it. However, many French prefer to drink their morning coffee at the local bar as they read the morning news or have a morning conversation with their friends.

In the local cafe or French restaurant, you can order Un Café or a small cup of espresso coffee, Un Double which is the same kind of coffee but double the volume, or the Une Noisette which is still an espresso but with cream or milk on top. You can also ask for an espresso with hot milk called the Café au Lait or the Café allongé which is a coffee that is as strong as an espresso but with water added.

The best Tucson restaurant would gladly serve hot chocolate with sugar but in France, Chocolat Chaud will be prepared for you without sugar so you add the sugar according to your preference. If you ask for Thé or tea, it is commonly served in a small pot together with cup and sugar beside it. Asking for Thé au Lait will mean tea with hot milk in a pitcher. Popular Tisane or herbal teas in France are the sage, mint, chamomile, lime flower and verbena.

An Apéritif  is a drink before dinner.  Among the variations of this drink are the pastis or licorice liquor as what we call it in the West;  a Kir Royal, a champagne in Monte Carlo.

In France, there is more emphasis on the dinner celebration itself such as chatting with friends and relaxing with a drink or two. While a five star restaurant may serve chips, nuts or crackers, French people do cocktail weiners, olives, sausage slices and raw vegetables with an apéritif. French people also make their own beer and which includes cider commonly in Normandy. A favorite beer is the La Bière et le Cidre. A five-star restaurant will surely serve the best French beer.

Among the most popular drinks in France is the Le Vin or the wine. Some regions in France are famous for their distinctive wines. Among these regions are the Alcase, Bordeaux, bourgogne, Champagne, Corse, Côtes du Rhône, Loire, Provence, Sud-Ouest, and the Languedoc-Roussillon.

At night, the French drink Le Digestif to help digest their food. Among these type of drinks are the French liqueurs which includes the Chambord liqueur as well as famous brandies such as the Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados.
Aside from beer, you can also find soft drinks such as Coke in France. Ask for ‘cola’ when you order. French people also drink grenadine syrup and others with the following flavors: fruit, mint, nut and almond.

Buying milk in France means getting them in non-refrigerated bottles as most of their milk is UHT or treated in ultra high temperature. It is good for stocking up as they have a very long shelf life and have a different taste than the pasteurized milk.


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