The Effects of Modernization on the French Gastronomy

by karina on January 26, 2016

While the fast-food industry has been a hit in some parts of the world, Mc Donald’s and other fast-food companies can witness the distinction of how French people response to their attempt to penetrate the French market.

There may be changes such as the introduction of self-service systems, more dishes to select, and an individualized choice of foods in the past few years. However, France has not succumbed to KFC and the likes. To the French people, their meal is still a very sacred part of their lives that they wouldn’t trade in for any fast-food restaurant, not even the best Tucson restaurant in Arizona or a five star restaurant. To the French, a French restaurant that doesn’t know how the French people treat their meals is not considered a French dining place.

The French people enjoy eating and socializing as the key elements during meals and which they really enjoy doing and until now is still as solid as ever. Regardless of the proliferation of fast-food outlets in France and the emergence of the younger generation who are more exposed to the culture of the other countries, the French people still eat three meals every day and at the same time, they gather around the table and do their rituals.  The French gastronomy structures their daily lives and bonds their relationship with others.

The staff of a fast-food outlet in France were shocked at the way the French people have responded to their restaurant on the day of its launching.  Although the restaurant was open all day as they assumed that the French will be behaving like the US people who were eager to patronize their products and services, they realized that the French left the store at 9am.  Since the French take their meals at the usual 12noon to 2 pm customary time, they were left seething during that time. Their customers consisted of the younger French people who took the advantage of making it a novel experience of dining in a restaurant that has almost not performed the French culinary techniques in the way their prepare their food. They made it a new way of socializing by eating together in groups and sharing the food.

The solidity of the French gastronomic meal can be attributed to the France’s deep roots to their past. The country sustains a special relation to food, as it has a Roman Catholic tradition.  French dining can be likened to the Holy communion that is practiced three times a day.

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