The French Food Eating Habits as an Expression of their Culture

by karina on January 19, 2016

To the French people, food is a collective ritual because it takes the form of a daily communion in which sharing is the whole idea and the key part of the French meal. Other nationalities may regard them as rigid and inflexible but the French takes pride in their own culture and tradition.  To the French, people who don’t partake of the main dish will receive a poor rating as conviviality counts most to them.

Even in cooking, the French performs its French culinary techniques and these are even shared throughout the world. International culinary schools will always study and teach cooking the French way as France has always been the leader in terms of food — the way of gathering the best and freshest ingredients, food preparation skills, and most of all serving the food during their meal rituals.  They disapprove of people who act differently during meals such as those who nibble whenever it suits them, or start the meal in another way that they do.

The French people are very disciplined and the partaking of the meal as it is being shared with the family members is mandatory.  It is like imposition that everybody eats together because if you don’t want, you have to give them an explanation.  Guests who are not native to France and who find their gastronomic meal a thing that is very unfamiliar, will have to conform to the long list of standards of the French gastronomic meal.

Modern life might have gone unnoticed and even the French restaurant, the five star restaurant and the best Tucson restaurant in Arizona have their own way of serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The American way is a bit loose and very flexible in the way they grab instant foods while walking to work or going home. To the French people, meals equals dining equals a full time activity that you should focus on.  Guests need to know the proper food etiquette such as the sequence the food is served. They can’t just eat fruit anytime or get the main dish anytime. There is a proper arrangement of the serving of these foods as well as the proper way to eat them on the dining table. Any other way is unacceptable to them.

France respects food and values sharing with their family members and other people which is shown in the way they religiously follow the dining rituals.  As a result, French people are disciplined and prepare their food as excellently as they can and have close family ties.

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