Top 10 French Foods You Would Love to Try Before You Die – Part 1

by karina on February 2, 2016

French people are well-known all over the world for its foods’ finesse and flavour as well as its dining’s ritual and glamour. The French have always been associated food with spirituality in the way they always want to perfect the whole process of preparing meals until they savour them during dinner.

From basic traditional foods to the most interesting specialties from the various regions of France, these food savvy people use their French culinary techniques to prepare the best meals for everyone to enjoy.  A French restaurant tries to use these techniques in their cooking and preparation but the best Tucson restaurant might be better at it.  A French chef in a five star restaurant French will surely be the best at what he or she does.

The French food is famous and it will be a shame if we don’t have an idea of these foods that people from all over the world love and enjoy. Let us take a look at the top 10 French foods that has made France the best when it comes to food and cooking.

Bon Appetit!!!

  1. Soupe a l’oignon is the traditional soup that is made up of onions and beef stock. When you see them, they are usually served with croutons and cheese that are put on top of the soup. If you see a bowl of soup topped with croutons or cheese, that is surely a French style.
  2. Wine is found in the various regions in France. All kinds of wine that suit your palate are available in some of its regions. French love to include wine in their meals while they chat with their family and friends about the events of the day or simply just enjoying each other’s company while savouring the delicious foods that are being prepared.
  3. Cheese is produced in France in many variants. There are about 300 kinds of cheese in France as this country serves cheese during meals, particularly after the main course and before its dessert. Just like wine, there is a special kind of cheese for every man’s taste.
  4. Boeuf bourguignon is a traditional French meal. It is made up of beef braised in wine with beef broth and with garlic, onions, herbs and mushrooms as seasonings.
  5. Chocolate souffle is a very delicious dessert that you should never miss. It is crispy chocolate with soft creamy filling that I bet could make your mouth water right now.

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